Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Drug information 2022, Vol 13, No4

Evaluation of hypolipidemic activity of dripping pills of Salvia miltiorhiza Bunge and Panax notoginseng Burk. Grown in Viet Nam

Hoang Thi Kim Quy, Bui Thi Thuy Luyen, Tran Trong Bien, Hoang Thị Khanh Linh, Ha Van Oanh, Nguyen Thuy Duong

Validation of Bayesian estimation methods in Model Informed Precision Dosing of vancomycin for adult patients at Bach Mai hospital

Nguyen Tran Nam Tien, Le Thi Thuy Linh, Nguyen Hoang Anh (b), Nguyen Thi Cuc, Bui Thi Ngoc Thuc, Do Thi Hong Gam, Nguyen Thi Thu, Nguyen Thu Minh, Nguyen Quynh Hoa, Dao Xuan Co, Nguyen Van Hung, Phan Thu Phuong, Do Ngoc Tuan, Nguyen Hoang Anh, Vu Dinh Hoa

A novel approach to loading methylprednisolone onto commercial filaments for application of pharmaceutical 3-dimension printing

Le Thi Thu Trang, Vo Quoc Anh

The morphological diversity of some species in the genus of Polyscias J.R.Forst & G.Forst (Araliaceae) which are planted in Vietnam

Vu Huong Thuy, Nguyen Van Huy, Nghiem Duc Trong, Tran Quang Luc, Ninh Thi Phip, Tran Van On

Synthesis and evaluation of Indoleamin-2,3-dioxygenase 1 inhibition activitiy of some aromatic acetamide derivatives bearing 6-amino-1H-indazol scaffold

Ngo Xuan Hoang, Duong Van Hieu, Nguyen Thi Hue, Tran Phuong Thao

Implementation of a list of contraindicated cardiovascular and anti-diabetic drug-disease interactions: Experience from Duc Giang hospital

Nguyen Hai Thuy, Tran Duy Khanh, Nguyen Mai Hoa, Hoang Thai Hoa, Nguyen Thu Huong, Dang Thi Thanh Huyen, Nguyen Manh Thang, Le Van Dung, Le Van Dan, Nguyen Hoang Anh

Design, synthesis and antifungal evaluation of some benzothiazoles bearing both 3,4- dihydroxyphenyl and 1,2,3-triazole moieties

Truong Thanh Tung, Nguyen Quoc Thang