Khoá đào tạo về đảm bảo chuỗi cung ứng sản phẩm Y tế tại Đại học Taylor, Malaysia

Trong khuôn khổ hợp tác quốc tế với Trường Đại học Taylor, Malaysia. Nhà Trường nhận được thông báo về khoá đào tạo ngắn hạn về Đảm bảo chuỗi cung ứng các sản phẩm Y tế, được tổ chức trong 3 ngày từ 25-27/9/2019 tại Đại học Taylor, Malaysia.

​Khoá học sẽ tập trung chính vào 3 lĩnh vực: (1) Thực hành phân phối thuốc tốt; (2) Giám sát và theo dõi phân phối thuốc; (3) Bán hàng qua internet.

Các diễn giả/giảng viên của lớp học: đến từ các cơ quan quản lý y dược như FDA ​của Hoa Kỳ; MHRA của Anh; HSA của Singapore và 1 số diễn giả nổi tiếng trong lĩnh vực dược phẩm trên thế giới.
Nhà Trường xin thông báo đến các giảng viên, sinh viên sau đại học biết thông tin có thể tham dự đăng ký dự về khoá đào tạo này.
Mọi thông tin đăng ký có thể vào trang web của ban tổ chức:
Nhà Trường xin chia sẻ dưới đây thư gửi của GS.TS. Chua Siew Siang​;Trường đơn vị Dược, Khoa Sức khoẻ và khoa học Y tế, Đại học Taylor:

Dear ALL,

I am very pleased to inform you that Taylor’s University has been endorsed as an Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)-COE Pilot Training site for Supply Chain Security of Medical Products. This endorsement was achieved with the strong support of the Ministry of Health Malaysia. 

Consequent to this endorsement, Taylor’s University is conducting a 3-day training from 25-27th September 2019 at Taylor’s University. Emeritus Prof PT Thomas is the Chairperson of this Organising Committee.

The training will focus on 3 areas namely, Good Distribution Practice, Track and Trace and Internet Sales. The content of the training is contemporary and relevant to regulators and non-regulators alike as its objective is to ensure quality, safety and integrity of pharmaceutical products during the entire process after manufacturing until it reaches the consumers.

As can be seen from the attached brochure and programme, the training also has the benefit of established speakers/trainers from Regulatory Agencies like FDA of USA, MHRA of UK, HSA of Singapore and a number of well-known international speakers from the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Additionally, we have speakers from the Pharmaceutical Services Programme and NPRA of the Ministry of Health Malaysia,

We believe that the topics chosen for the this training course are very current and will help companies to formulate strategies to face regulatory challenges and ensure their supply chain is fully protected once the products leave the manufacturing premise. The session on Good Distribution Practice will focus on regulatory issues faced by both the industry and the regulators and the challenges in implementing them. In line with global initiatives, countries are now introducing new Track and Trace methods and apart from being updated by the experts on the technology involved, the participants will also have an opportunity to hear from the Malaysian authorities on their plans in this area. The topics on ‘Combating Internet Sales of Medical Products’ has Malaysian pharmacy enforcement officers and other experts delving on the complexities involved and the legislations in place and being formulated to regulate this growing sector.

Apart from panel discussions and workshops, the participants will also get the opportunity to visit a large distributor of pharmaceutical products to learn firsthand how the company handles many of the issues discussed during the training.

We believe this training may be very useful and timely not just for the pharmaceutical industry and regulators but also academic staff and postgraduate students from Malaysia and other countries in the ASEAN region. 

A reasonable registration fee, with early bird and group discounts are available. Please encourage your staff and students to attend this training from 25 to 27 September 2019 at Taylor’s University. The attached brochure with registration particulars and programme gives all the relevant information. More information can also be obtained from the website

Please feel free to dissemination this information to anyone that you think can benefit from the training.

Thank you and hope to see you, your staff and students at the above training sessions.


Siew Siang

Professor Dr Chua Siew Siang


School of Pharmacy

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Taylor’s University

1 Jalan Taylor’s

47500 Subang Jaya

Selangor, Malaysia

T: +60 3 56295000

DL: +60 3 56295601

M: +60 19 3363223