University Entrance Exams for academic year 2013 - 2014

With 4249 enrollments into the regular system for the academic year 2013 - 2014, Ha Noi University of Pharmacy had to mobilize 141 rooms in 9 places as examination points (6 places in Hanoi city, 1 at Vinh University, 1 at Quy Nhon University and 1 place in Hai Phong city).

The rate of candidates taking the entrance exam this year was 59.83%, in which 2551 candidates for Maths accounted for 60.04%; 2541 candidates for Physics (59.80%) and 2535 candidates for Chemistry (59.66%). The university mobilized 246 staffs and 120 fourth- and fifth year students for this exam. Deeply recognizing the importance of the entrance examination, the university leaders paid great attention to the organization activities. The examination staffs were thoroughly trained to master the enrolment rules by the Ministry of Education and Training.
In the Entrance Exams for academic year2013 - 2014, 100% of candidates attending for the regular system strictly observed the regulations of the university; however, two examination staffs broke exam regulations and were subsequently suspended.
Some images of university entrance exams, Hanoi University of Pharmacy, academic year2013 - 2014.

Assoc. Prof,. Nguyen Manh Tuyen - Head of the examination point at Trung Trac Primary school reading the exam regulations to examination staffs.
The candidates being called to enter the examination room.

Examination staff reading the exam regulations to the candidates.

Scene of Trung Trac Primary school- an examination point.