The 17th Youth's Science and Technology Conference

In the morning of 28th February, 2014, the 17th Youth's Science and Technology Conference was held by Hanoi ​University of Pharmacy aiming to evaluate the impact of Youth's Scientific and Technological researches during the past two years and select the excelent themes to participate in the the 17th Youth Science and Technology Conference of Vietnam’s Pharmacy and Medicine Universities which will be held at Vietnam Military Medical University on the occasion of Uncle Ho’s birthday (19/05/2014).​​​

​At the conference, 36 scientific research themes were reported by junior faculty and students on various fields of Pharmaceutical Industry- Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Administration & Economics, Pharmacology- Clinical Pharmacy, Traditional Medicine, Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology. The scientific reports presented in this year's conference were highly appreciated on good quality, meticulous preparation, and high scientific, creative, practical value.
After a hardworking day, the Conference has selected the best reports to reward prizes and participate into the 17th Youth’s Science and Technology Conference of National Universities and Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy (from 1st prize to 3rd prize and 6 encourage prize​).
Results of themes rewarded prizes: ​
* First Prize (02)
1. Duong Van Khoa (Student of K64)
Theme: Research to build Carbocystein semi-synthetic process at scale of 1kg/turn
Scientific Advisors: Assoc.,Prof. PhD Nguyen Dinh Luyen, MA. Nguyen Van Giang
 2. Pham Duc Vinh ( Faculty, Department of Pharmacology)
Theme: Study on experimental pharmacological effects on urinary stones and isolated active ingredients of Coix lachryma - jobi L.
Scientific Advisors: PhD Nguyen Quynh Chi, PhD Nguyen Thuy Duong
* Second Prize (02)
 1. Nguyen Hanh Thuy (National Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology)
Theme: Research on formulated artesunate nanoparticles.
Scientific Advisors: Assoc.,PhD Nguyen Ngoc Chien, Assoc.,PhD Chul Soon Yong
 2. Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai (Student of K64)
Theme: Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitory Activity of Vietnamese Medicinal Plants  in vitro.
Scientific Advisors: PhD Nguyen Thuy Duong, PhD Nguyen Quynh Chi
* Third Prize ( 04 )
 1. Tran Ngan Ha (National Centre for Drug Information and ADR monitoring)
Theme: Actively monitoring of the adverse effects of antiretroviral drugs at 5 key HIV/AIDS treatment facilities.
Scientific Advisors: PhD Nguyen Hoang Anh, PhD Le Thi Huong
 2. Vu Duc Hoan ( Pharmacist K63)
Theme : Research on synthesis of L-dopa for Parkinson disease treatment.
Scientific Advisors: Assoc.,Pro, PhD Thai Nguyen Hung Thu, Assoc.,Prof. PhD Nguyen Dinh Luyen
3. Tran Thuy Linh ( Post graduate K16)
Theme: Explore on hypoglycemic mechanism of n-hexane from Salacia cochinchinensis L., Celastraceae roots on C2C12 cells.
Scientific Advisors: PhD Do Thi Nguyet Que, PhD Tran Thi Oanh4.Le Doan Tri (Student K64)
Theme: Research on anxiolytic effects, sedative and antidepressant empirical of Sinica Diels Stephania species. and L-Tetrahydropalmatin ingredents.
Scientific Advisors: PhD Nguyen Hoang Anh, MA Nguyen Thu Hang
 Some photos
 Assoc.,Pro., Dr. Nguyen Dang Hoa-Rector rewarding Certificates of Merit to the second prize reporters. 

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, Vice Rector giving Certificates of Merit to the second prize reporters. ​

Assoc., Prof. Dr. Thai Nguyen Hung Thu, Vice Rector giving Certificates of Merit to the third prize reporters. 

anh hoa trao giai ba.jpg

Assoc,.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dang Hoa- Rector awarding Certificates of Merit to the encouraging prize reporters.

 Directorate Board, faculties and reporters taken photos. 


 Scene of  The 17th Youth's Science and Technology Conference