Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences acknowledges the contributions of lecturer of Hanoi University of Pharmacy

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and The American Pharmacists Association have awarded the title of '2021 Outstanding Early Career Scientists' to Dr. Vo Quoc Anh, in charge of the Department of Physics - Physical Chemistry, Hanoi University of Pharmacy.

This is the first time the title has been awarded to recognize the contributions of authors with outstanding research published in the journal in 2021.

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences is an influential journal in the field of pharmaceutical science and was first published in 1921 in the United States. In this first recognition of the title, 10 scientists from prestigious research institutions around the world were honored, including authors from the University of Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania (USA), Kyoto University (Japan), Uppsala University (Sweden), Merk & Co., Novartis Pharma AG (USA) and Hanoi University of Pharmacy. Individuals awarded must be PhD students or graduate within 10 years.

Studies selected by the Journal's Editorial Board for the year 2021 are based on novelty and the most original and significant scientific findings.

Dr. Anh Quoc Vo from Dept. of Physical Chemistry and Physics earned the recognition for his work on the Continuous Manufacturing (CM) paradigm and application of Quality by Design (QbD) during his Ph.D program at the University of Mississippi (US). Continuous manufacturing has been emerging as a new trend in the pharmaceutical industry. Till the end of 2020, only six products manufactured on this paradigm of four Big Pharmas have been approved by FDA.

Dr. Vo Quoc Anh​