Students' life

“In our students’ eyes, HUP is a place full of opportunities where one can fully explore their interests, potentials, a place where one meets great people, learn much from them. A wide range of inside and outside activities has prepared future pharmacists better in terms of both skills: attitudes to live and work in any environment.”

The students’ life is not just in classroom. Our students are engaged in a variety of activities and events, both within and outside the campus. The students’ activities are led by the Youth Union and Students Union, which are shoulder to shoulder, in most events.

We launch a wide range of activities. Students Voluntary Platoon administers Green Summer Operation each year with diverse activities, from assisting university entrance examinees to giving a hand to people, especially children in remote mountainous areas by donating medicines, providing medical advices and drug use counseling.


Sports events like Soccer, Table Tennis or Badminton Cups usually pull up big crowds on the campus. Meanwhile, Female Student Beauty Contest always creates exciting atmosphere around and draws excessive attention. Besides, HUP students also participate in a number of outside contests at national level like Chemistry Olympiad, TV shows, etc. Many student clubs such as English Speaking Club, International Chess Club, Female Student Club, and Student Tutor Club are effectively operating and attracting a large number of students.

Come and join with us!