Laggest Camping Festival for Vietnamese students

"Vietnamese Youth accompany Vietnamese goods" - the largest camping festival for students held from 7th -9th October, 2016 at the Thong Nhat Park, Tran Nhan Tong str, Hanoi.​

sinh vien.PNG
The differences is only organized in this ​larrgest camping festival.

More than 150 camp booths, with 25 youthful, fresh colored tents of students, and nearly 100 Vietnamese booths with flooded promotional products, gifts under the criterion "delicious/ nutrition/ or cheap" at the booths of Vietnam enterprises such as Viet Tiep Locks, Vinaphone, GenViet fashion, May10 fashion...​

What's having at the in the camping festival?
Within 3 days, the students not only joined in ‘dance festival’ which celebrated in the "headquarters" but also participated in contests, game shows and eventful students’ activities.
All information about the program, please visit the website:, FB: Hanoi Promotion Month, or call the phone number: 04.1081 - main switchboard to support inquiries about the program of Ha Noi Promotion Month.