Scientific Research

Hanoi University of Pharmacy (HUP) pursues strong partnerships with research institutes, industries, hospitals, and other universities in the key pharmaceutical research areas such as Pharmaceutics and Biopharmacy; Pharmacoeconomics; Clinical Pharmacy; Pharmacognosy and Traditional Pharmacy; Drug quality Control. Since its inception, HUP has worked hand in hand with companies and other organizations in research and development, fostering and producing high-quality professionals in these areas. 

The Hanoi University of Pharmacy publishes the Journal of Pharmacy Research and Drug Information, which is one of the most accredited journals in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences in Vietnam. ​

1. Pharmaceutics and biopharmacy:
Studying modern pharmaceutical technologies, new dosage forms aiming at improvement of drug bioavailability and increase in therapeutic efficiency.
2. Pharmacoeconomics:
Providing framework, a set of concepts and tools for evaluating alternatives in term of the costs and benefits.
3. Pharmacology and Clinical pharmacy:
Conducting evaluation of drug use, drug utilization review, pharmacokinetics, pharmacological activities, bioequivalence and bioavailability.
4. Pharmacognosy and traditional pharmacy:
Studying traditional remedies, conservation of medicinal plants, preparing and processing medicinal plants.
5. Drug quality control:
Implementing new, modern methods applied in drug quality control, doing research on novel methods for this purpose.
6. Natural product chemistry Pharmacology:
Doing directed screening of medicinal plants and microorganisms, isolation of biological active ingredients of medicinal plants, structural elucidation of the isolated principles; doing synthesis and semi-synthesis of the active natural products, studying the pharmacological activities of the isolates.
7. Pharmaceutical synthesis:
Doing synthesis of pharmaceutical, synthesis and semi synthesis of new chemical entities with potential as antiviral, anticancer, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory agents. Implementing the synthetic methodology for current drugs.
1. Development of pharmaceutical materials: Study on the use, development of medicinal plants, exploration of traditional remedies, semi-synthesis, total synthesis and biosynthesis of new drugs;
2. Implementation of modern technology in pharmaceutical formulations to manufacture new drug dosage forms, dietary supplements, cosmetics, increase of treatment effectiveness and drug stability;
3. Study on the application of pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmacy and drug quality control.
4. Research on the strategy to develop pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical management, legal documents of pharmaceutical industry and community pharmacy.