Doctor Dissertation Of Quan Nguyen Van

Dissertation: Study on the marketing activities for some herbal remedies in Vietnam market.

Major: Pharmacoeconomics Management
Candidate: Nguyen Van Quan
Academic Supervisors: Ass. Dr. Nguyen Thi Thai Hang
Ass. Dr. Truong Viet Binh
Traning Venue: Hanoi University of Pharmacy
Summary of the findings and conclusions of the thesis:
1/ Deeply and comprehensively studying actual situation of marketing for a particular group of medicinal herbs.
The thesis has identified, summarized and systematized 5 directions for marketing herbal remedies of companies; evaluated actual application of 4 marketing strategies, 5 requirements of pharmaceutical marketing for the herbal remedy and marketing management in pharmaceutical administration
2/ Systematizing different kinds of herbal remedy groups regarding the group structure, information, the nature of products, typical features of the market, and the business company of herbal remedies. Marketing strategies using marketing tool have decided the success and as well as the failure in marketing. The thesis has summarized the typical features of herbal remedy marketing from the viewpoint of marketing and pharmaceutical management.
3/ Successful multi intervention research in the areas of:
- Application of marketing theory in general and pharmaceutical marketing in particular in business of herbal remedy.
- Guidance and promotion of implementing the Regulations on drug information and advertisement for herbal remedy and improvement in marketing herbal remedies
- Successfully applied the weighted average method in measuring medicine price.
- Lab experiment in marketing research for some herbal remedies
- Successfully carried out consensus marketing, linked marketing in the area of pharmacy
- Initially successful application of marketing models 7P and 4A
Doctoral candidate On behalf of academic supervisors
Nguyen Van Quan Ass.Dr. Nguyen Thi Thai Hang