Doctor Dissertation Of Lan Phan Quynh

Name of thesis: “ Researching and evaluating equivalent biology and treatment of metformin (Glucofine) produced in Vietnam”.

Major: Clinical Pharmacy
Name of PhD: Phan Quynh Lan
Name of supervisors: 1- Vice-Professor-PhD Hoang Thi Kim Huyen
2- Vice-Professor-PhD Do Trung Quan
Place of training: HUP
The sumary of new conclusions of the thesis:
- Having evaluated and concluded that metformin (Glucofine) produced in Vietnam dissolves in vitro equally with Glucophage invented by Merck sante s.a.s.
- Having selected and evaluated high efficient solid chromatography method, which is accepted by FDA in the USA. It is suitable for Vietnam’s situation to do researches and evaluate in vivo equivalent biology of metformin in Vietnam.
- Having released pharmacokinetic data of metformin on Vietamese healthy people after taking 850 mg reagent or ………………..(thuoc doi chieu)
- Having evaluated and concluded that Glucofine has in vivo equivalent biology with Glucophage.
- Having evaluated and concluded that the two medicines have the same therapeutic effect on patients with diabetes type 2. However, during the research, the number of patients who took reagent had side effect more than those who took ………………( thuoc doi chieu)