Doctor Dissertation Of Giang Vu Thi Thu

Dissertation: “Formulation and bioavailability evaluation of aciclovir sustained release capsules”.

Dissertation: “Formulation and bioavailability evaluation of aciclovir
sustained release capsules”
Specialized in: Pharmaceutics
Name of candidate: Giang Vu Thi Thu
Under the scientific supervision of:
1. Ass.Prof. Dr. Hue Pham Thi Minh
2. Prof. Dr. Minh Vo Xuan
Institution: Ha Noi University of Pharmacy
Summary of new aspects of the thesis:
1. Enhancement of the permeation properties of aciclovir
- The in vitro method based on the use of artificial membranes for study the permeation properties of aciclovir was developed. The proposed method was proved its applicability in screening studies to enhance the absorption of aciclovir.
- Tween 80, a suitable permeability enhancer, was selected in the formula of aciclovir sustained release capsules with the proportion of 3%.
2. Formulation of 200 mg aciclovir sustained release capsules
The formula and processing of aciclovir capsules contained twelve - hour sustained release granules obtained by wet granulation and coating them with polyvinyl alcohol and then ethylcellulose was investigated. The preparing method was simple and convenient to apply to manufacture in Vietnam. The draft specifications and the stability of the capsules were investigated.
3. Bioavailability assessment
The results of bioavailability assessment in dogs proved that the combination of using permeability enhancer (Tween 80) and sustaining of drug release could improve the oral bioavailability and increase the retention time of aciclovir in the body. As a result, the frequency of taking medicine would be reduced.
The scientific advisors
Ass.Prof. Dr.Hue Pham Thi Minh Prof. Dr. Minh Vo Xuan
Doctoral candidate
Giang Vu Thi Thu

​​ Dissertation Abstract_ Giang Vu Thi Thu.docDissertation Abstract_ Giang Vu Thi Thu.doc