Doctor Dissertation Of Bao Tran Van

Dissertation: Research on production, quality standardization of red blood cell preparations of phenotype.Initiate steps of clinical applications.

Major: Drug Testing
Candidate: Tran Van Bao
Scientific supervisors:
1. Ass. Prof, Dr. Tran Tu An
2. Dr. Nguyen Truong Son
Training venue: Hanoi University of Pharmacy
The summary of the new thesis conclusions:
1. The standards and hematology index, antigens outside ABO system in the production process of blood cell preparations of phenotype have been determined for the first time in Viet Nam 
2. Having defined the antigens and classified blood cell phenotype with 9.6 plates instead of using tubes.
3. Having established a group of centrifugal parameters(speed, time, temperature) for Themo machine in order to produce blood cell mass settled from total blood bags.
4. Having determined the changes of the hematology and biochemistry index in the process of preserving phenotype preparations, which helps to identify the best condition in order to store the preparations by using CPDA-1 with a nourished substance and keeping them at 2-4˚C.
5. Initial clinical application has demonstrated that infusing phenotype is more therapeutically effective and safer.
The scientific advisors
Ass.Prof Dr. Tran Tu An Dr. Nguyen Truong Son
Doctorate candidate
MS.Tran Van Bao