Journal of pharmaceutical Research and Drug information 2017, Vol 8, No6

Drug Related Problems (DRPs) in the Intensive Care Unit of a Provincial General Hospital in Vietnam

Tran Thi Ngan, Nguyen Quang Tap,

Tran Thanh Cang, Nguyen Thi Mai Loan,

 Nguyen Thi Lien Huong

Effects of ketamine on serotonin outflow in the mice prefrontal cortex

Pham Thu Ha, Nguyen Thanh Hai

An improvement method for extraction of artemisinin from the leaves ofArtemisia annua L.

Meas Pisal, Tran Ngoc Bao, Tran Trong Bien, Khuat Van Khoi Dung, Nguyen Van Han

Development of Quantitative Structure - Activity Relationship (QSAR) models for designing hydroxamic acid derivatives as novel histone deacetylase 2 (HDAC2) inhibitors

Pham The Hai, Dao Thi Kim Oanh,

Hoang Van Quan, Le Thi Thu Huong

In vitro antioxidant activity of the rhizomesof Alocasia odora (Roxb.) Koch

Peter J. Houghton, Le Viet Dung

Development of an HPLC-MS/MS assay for simultaneous determination of human plasma artesunate and dihydroartemisinin

Nguyen Thi Thuan, Nguyen Ngoc Chien