HUP at a glance

  • The only specialized university in training pharmacists in Vietnam.
  • Location: 13-15 Le Thanh Tong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
  • Rector, Hanoi University of Pharmacy​: Prof. Nguyen Thanh Binh.
  • Originated from Indochina Medical School in 1902, established Department of Pharmacy in 1914.
  • Split into Hanoi Medical College and Hanoi College of Pharmacy in 1961.
  • Campus: Campus in Hanoi (from 1902); Campus in Bacninh.​​​

Regular Staff organization of HUP 2013-2016:
  • Training types: PhD, Master, 1st-level specialized pharmacist, 2nd-level specialized pharmacist (graduate programs), 5-year regular pharmacist, second-degree pharmacist, and 3-year junior pharmacist.
  • Collaborative training program: Mekong Transregional Master Program (Master of Pharmaceutical Science); Pharmacovigilance and Epiedemilology DU program; Pharmaceutics DU program.
The Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Drug Information  considered as one of the most accredited journals in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences in Vietnam.
From 2010 – 2015, there are 5 scientific research at National level, 35 scientific research at ministry level, 173 scientific research at university level and 4 technology tranfer.
In 2016, 16 scientific research at university level get approval in 1st turn.
  • Undergraduate Programs: 3,341 students of all training programs ( according to statistic data updated on January 4th 2017)
  • Postgraduate Programs: Master: 217; 1st level specialized pharmacist program: 426; 2nd level specialized pharmacist program: 36; PhD Program: 58 (updated on November 15th 2016)

International Cooperation
  • A network of over 100 international partners over the world.
  • Student exchange program with over 10 countries. ​​​
  • International students each year: about 50, from Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia, France, United State, Japan, and Thailand, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands.