Hanoi University of Pharmacy

Hanoi University of Pharmacy is originated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Indochina Medical and Pharmaceutical School, which was established in 1902 and regarded as unique pharmaceutical university of the country with the history of over 100-year establishment. It acts as a leading institution of pharmaceutical training whose major duty is to provide training courses in order to achieve graduate and post graduate outputs for the whole country and scientific research.
Over the last 50 years, Hanoi University of Pharmacy has made huge contributions to the Health Sector of Vietnam. Until now, the University has granted bachelor degrees for over 12,000 pharmacists who are highly qualified in accordance with national demands. Besides, it is also ranked the highest university enrollment nationwide. It provides more than 50% of human resources for the entire Pharmaceutical Sector.
From its earliest days, HUP has always kept solid relations with universities and organizations in the Region and the world to strengthen and expand its international cooperation with both multi-lateral and bilateral frameworks. Cultivating a network of international relations motivates HUP to improve teaching, research and study quality in the University. Especially, recent years have witnessed a great development in cooperation programs between HUP and its wide-range partners over the world (over 100 universities/ colleges/ centers/ organizations).
Numerous regional and international conferences and workshops with active participations of foreign lecturers, experts and researchers had been held at HUP, such as: "Enhancing the pharmacist training quality in the integration: Strengthening pharmacy training and pharmacovigilance"; “Improving medication safety practice in Vietnam; “Strengthening the clinical pharmacist training in Vietnam"; Contrôle pharmaceutique et falsification de medicaments etc.
During the last years, HUP has implemented numbers of projects such as: "Developing Hanoi University of Pharmacy to become a national specialized university meeting regional standards by 2020", funded by the Korean Export and Import Bank (2007 till now); "Health System Strengthening- Pharmacovigilance Component", granted by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (2012 till now); "Strengthening the training quality of clinical pharmacists", sponsored by NUFFIC- Netherland (2009-2012); “Medical staff development program”, funded by ADB (2010-2015); Mekong Transregional Master Program (Master of Science) diploma granted by French universities under the sponsorship of PIERRE FABRE Foundation, Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (Agency for French - Speaking Universities: AUF), Embassy of France in Vietnam (2012-2015);
In terms of student exchange, at present, HUP is continuously receiving students from Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, America, Japan, and Thailand to take whole or partly undergraduate or postgraduate training courses and to do research in various fields. Besides, annually we send our staff to other advanced countries to follow short-term training courses or Master/ Phd courses to improve our staff’s capacity and hands-on experience in our field.
HUP encourages and highly appreciates international linkages for mutual benefits and the overall development of higher education. ​