Eramus Plus - KA2 with Tartu University (Estonia)

Project name: Joint capacity building in biomedical higher education through adopting international academic standards and transferring technology between European and Vietnam universities (EDUSHARE project)

Partners in Europe: University of Tartu (Estonia); University of Karolinska (Sweden); University of Essex (United Kingdom); University of Ernst – Moritz-Arndt –Universitat Greifswald (Germany); Organisation of ScanBaltfmba (Denmark).

Partners in Vietnam: Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacie; Hanoi University of Medicine; Hanoi University of Pharmacy; Da Nang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy; DinhTien Hoang Institute of Medicine.

Project timeline: 2017 – 2019

Project objectives
(1) PhD curriculum development in Bio Medicine; 
(2) To extend the teaching and research collaboration and capacity in Pharmacy and Medicine; 
(3) To establish in the future the present mobility platform in Pharmacy with potential extensions; 
(4) Students and professor exchange improvement.

Project activities
(1) Working trips of Tartu Univ. professors to HUP (having lecture in the under and graduate training program), joint research development, joint supervision…); 
(2) Working trips of HUP professor/ staff to Tartu University or other European project members (having lecture, joint research development, joint supervision, capacity development…); 
(3) Graduate student exchange between Tartu University and Hanoi University of Pharmacy for a short term from 3 to 5 months; 
(4) Human resource and curriculum development with the support from International Conference, Seminar, Intensive training course…