Training course on National Defense - Security in 2013

Pursuant to the Decree No.116/2007/ND-CP of the Government dated 10 July 2007 on education of national defense - security; implementing the Resolution of the Party and the plan of knowledge update course on National Defense - Security in 2013, on 29th June 2013 Hanoi University of Pharmacy opened a training course on National Defense - Security for staffs including experts, lecturers, party members and others.

During the course, the trainees looked into the topics such as: Vietnamese People's War for National Defense in the new situation; control over “Peace evolution” strategy; prevention of violent overthrow efforts of the counter-revolutionary hostile forces; Issues on social-economic development and National Defense -Security strengthening combination; Management and protection of sea island sovereignty and Vietnam’s borders; Establishing the activities of the university’s self-defense forces to meet the requirements in the new situation; Some basic issues on security in politics, ideology, culture, economy, society. They were also provided with the basic content of the Laws including National Defense, Military Services, National Security, Militia and Reserve Ordinance; Hi-tech weapons and prevention, fighting against enemy and offensive firepower with hi-tech weapons; Some basic contents of ethnicity, religion, and fighting against enemies taking advantage of ethnic and religious issues against Vietnam’s revolution; Typical states and urgent situations of National Defense.
Learning the above topics plays an important role in raising the University staff's and Party members' awareness of National Defense - Security tasks in the current situations leading in the changes in both perception and action related to defense and local military cause. Thereby, it helped every staff, Party member to raise the sense responsibility and initiative, and be ready to deal with any bad situations that may occur; contribute to maintain political stability, safety in the unit and areas; determine to fail plot tricks “Peace evolution, violent overthrow” of the contra revolutionary hostile forces.
Speaking at the ceremony, Assoc. Prof., Dr. Nguyen Dang Hoa, Secretary of the Party Committee- Rector, stressed that studying the topics on national defense and security was the important mission, helping staffs, Party members to develop strong awareness of perspective, direction on defense and security of the Party and the State; to understand the principles, leadership mechanism of the Party, the state management of defense and security; to identify the subjects, partners, conspiracy, tricks of the hostile forces. Therefore, the university’s leader asked the trainees to abide strictly the time regulations in order to meet the proposed targets.
There were 186 staffs participating in this course and,as scheduled, it ended on 2nd July, 2013. 
Lieutenant Colonel Doan Hong Manh, Head of Department of Military Education, on behalf of organizers operating the course.
Assoc. Prof., Dr. Nguyen Dang Hoa, Secretary of Party Committee - Rector delivering opening speech.
Colonel, M.S Nguyen Van Hau – lecturer of Vietnam Academy of Military Politics - the speaker at the course.
Lt. Col., M.S Nguyen Trung Kien – lecturer of People's Security Academy,
- the speaker at the course.

Training course scene.