The scholarship fund “Lighting Faith”

Dreaming to school is seemingly simple, but for many children fond of school, due to the war, due to surviving in harsh conditions, because of difficult circumstances of each family, still face numerous obstacles on the way to school, as well as entering the university lecture halls.

With a desire to keep close eyes on them on every step, every difficult challenge of life , adding wing dreams to them and lighting the flame to warm the heart of the unlucky, in 2007, the home toLight Faith was constructed by enthusiastic and generous hearts of the staff of Vietnamese Petro Finance Corporation (PVFC), followed by the Vietnam Oil Corporation (PV Oil) the members of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group and many organizations, businesses, individuals in the country or overseas have volunteered their services as well as finance to developscholarship fund.
Specific, long clear objectives of theScholarship Fund are to look for andaward scholarships to students fond of school and learning in especially difficult circumstances in all parts of the country,guide vocation and relay them on a new career path, help them to feel confident enough to fulfill their dreams of learning and dedicating to the country.The Fund operates on the principle of voluntary and non-profit activities.
With the desire to join hands with the entire society in the cause of education, and promote the effectiveness of a program full of humanity, the Fund's Executive Board has decided to build a bigger and bigger fund, creating diverse donation activities so that more and more students will be helped, supporting jobs for them after graduating, and make the general house lighting Faith actually become the prop of the poor students.We are looking forward to joining hands of organizations, businesses, individuals and the entire community with heart to care for the future generations of the country.
Areas of operation of the Scholarship Fund Lighting Faith:the whole country