The admission of students of 68th course (K68) at Hanoi University of Pharmacy

Since early morning of 3rd September 2013, being in the exciting atmosphere of admission season of students in the whole country, the students passing the approved mark in the entrance exams to Hanoi University of Pharmacy were eager to present at the lecture hall No12 for their first day to do the admission procedure. In this academic year 477 qualified students will be accepted.


There are a lot of banderols and slogans welcoming the freshmen of 68th course on their first admission day in the ground of Hanoi University of Pharmacy. The joy and pride expressing on their faces when they officially became students of Hanoi University of Pharmacy. The approved mark of Hanoi University of Pharmacy is ranked as one of the top among universities in our country. Many parents accompanied their students to Hanoi University of Pharmacy for the first day entering day with pride.

Aiming to the best conditions to new students for admission, the university has sent the admission announcement attached with the detailed plan and guide to them. With careful, effective and smooth organization, the Student Management Department cooperated with other functional departments to help the freshmen to complete the admission process promptly and quickly. Not only the students but also their parents were so excited and cheerful about that.

The Youth Union, the Student Association, the Volunteer students were willing to help and welcome the new students by many activities such as looking for lodgings houses, checking information on students’ records.

Hopefully, with the good impression on the first day entering to university, the freshmen will try their best to study well to fulfill the assigned tasks of taking care of public health in the future. The new students of 68 th course will gradually get familiar with the new life style and studying environment by the first activity to participate the “Citizen Activities Week” of this academic year 2013-2014. 


The staffs of the functional departments guiding the students to do the admission procedures.


 Staffs of the Defense Education Department guiding the students to do the procedures relating to the Law on Militia.  


 Staffs of the Health Center guiding the students to complete the medical procedures.  DSC02338.JPG


Admission scene