Self-defense training course for militiamen in 2013

To implement the self-defense training plan for militiamen in 2013 of Hoan Kiem District’s Military Staff Committee, on 14th June 2013 the Military Staff Committee of Hanoi University of Pharmacylaunched the self-defense training course for its militiamen. Attending the opening ceremony were the members of the Military Staff Committee, lecturers from the Department of National Defense and the University’s self-defense militia squad.

The aim of the training course is to improve the political awareness as well asthe professional qualifications of the university militiamen. It was the annual training of local military forces. During the training course, the soldiers in the squad learned and looked into the Law on Militia, some topics on political security and social safety, National Defense tasks of the self defense militiamen forces of Hanoi in general and Hoan Kiem district in particular. In addition, practicing at the drill ground with essential contents, such as training the line-up instructions, shooting rifle AK in 2 positions, throwing grenade from distance into target, packaging explosive amounts, learning the way to lay out the spike-trap, mines and traps ..., was included. At the end of the course, real bullet shooting was tested at Yen So Shooting field.
After a training week, the self-defense militia squad of the university completed the planned contents with strong disciplinary awareness, well-organized real bullet shooting practice with the results of 100% satisfactory, in which 75% good and excellent. The self-defense training course for militiamen of Hanoi University of Pharmacy in 2013 was held with absolute safety. After lecturers, the militiamen continued to practise the contents preparing for participating in the Military Exhibition in 2013 that will be held by Hoan Kiem District’s Military Staff Committee. 
Some images at the training course
Mr. Do Hung Vuong – Political Instructor of University Military Committee making the opening speech. 
Senior Lieutenant Colonel Doan Hong Manh- Deputy Chief of the University Military Committee grasping thetraining tasks.
The militia squad learning about line-up instruction.
The Major Vuong Viet Hoang- Lecturer guiding the militia squad to practise
Soldiers are practicing shooting rifle AK and CKC 

The militia squad practicing the tactics of invading target
Real shooting practice at Yen So shooting field.