[Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan - together with FAPA Foundation]: Last Call for Application / Registration to the 2014 GPP International Training Programme

Dear FAPA Bureau, FAPA Section Chairmen, Presidents of Member Organizations, and Colleagues Around Asia,

For International Pharmacists: (total 30 ppl)

The deadline for registration to the 2014 GPP International Training Programme is just ahead (this Friday, 05/23).  Fifteen (15) registration seats for pay-for-its-own (USD$300).  Please hurry up!

Registration on-line: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FzStGnU5GYM2y-uT1XIWDCYGUWGm2aq0Wh8PtMd_KXI/viewform

Also, if you are thinking of applying the travel grant scholarships (only max. 15 awardees will be chosen) to attend the programme, the deadline is the same, 05/23.  Please make good use of your time.

For International Pharmacy Students: (total 30~40ppl)

We offer separate registration by IPSF-Asia Pacific Regional Office.  Please go to: http://apro.ipsf.org/gpped

We have received many application from around the world, and there is still FOUR (4) days to go.  

For International Pharmacists who register, here some very important reminders for to be aware:BOTH 1 & 2

1. On-line registration form: Don't forget to fill-in the online form


2. What you still have to upload to the on-line folders? Don't forget to upload any files of them

(this online folder: http://goo.gl/Hhd7LS)

 1). 2014 GPP International Training Programme_Facts/Action Sheets (where's it? please download_https://www.dropbox.com/s/4rz2p3odwk5433j/%5BToParticipants%5DWHO_GPP_Guidelines_2014_Applicants_FactsSheets_20140429v3.doc)

=> you have to fill-in every blank in the sheet world file, except the last column.

 2). Scan of your passport, the page with your  personal information and your picture

 3). An electronic picture of yourself 

 4). Language proficiency certifications (if you are native Enlgish speaker, or English is one of your National Official Language -> you don't need to do this)

 5). Letter of Recommendations

 6). Any other supplementary documents that cou ld help with your application

All the above, we look forward to hear from you and your application soon.  Please help spread! (Deadline 05/23)


Michael Wei-chih LIU (Taiwan)

Office Contact, Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan & GPP International Training Progrmamme together with FAPA Foundation ​