Opening 16th course master and awarding 2011-year-pharmatical masters and doctors

20/10/2011, 11:19:23 - Hanoi University of Pharmacy (HUP) opened 16th course master and awarded 2011-year-pharmatical Masters and Doctors in October 14th 2011 in Nguy Nhu Kontum Meeting Hall.

A. Prof – Dr. Le Viet Hung, HUP Party Secretary – Principal, A. Prof – Dr. Thai Nguyen Hung Thu, Vice Principal and other Professors, A. Professors, teachers, officers on behalf of staffs in departments attended with 9 newly-graduated Doctors, 80 newly- graduated Masters and 100 matriculated Master at 16th course.
Announcing at ceremony, A. Prof – Dr. Le Viet Hung, HUP Party Secretary – Principal congratulated 9 newly-graduated Doctors and 80 newly-graduated Masters who tried their best to overcome difficulties and challenges on recording great achievements as today. Besides, the principal noted and expected newly-graduated Masters as well as Doctors’ results in passing time were only the first successes, then with the positions of each person, the Masters and the Doctors made more efforts take advantages of learned knowledge to put into real life in order to contribute pharmacy to develop.
Moreover, on behalf of the principal university administrators A. Prof – Dr. Le Viet Hung declared to open new course and felicitated 100 students on passing a strict examination in order to officially become post-graduate students of HUP. The principal hoped that the new students would develop tradition of hero unit, surmounted the difficulties as well as the challenges, and made their attempts in studying and researching; seriously and strictly implemented the university regulations to finish the course well. Also, they would have the honor of standing glorious platform to award noble degree as today.
The opening and awarding ceremony was held solemnly and successfully.
Some pictures of 
A. Prof – Dr. Le Viet Hung, HUP Party Secretary – Principal announced at the ceremony.
· A. Prof – Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, Manager of Post-graduate training department, proclaimed the decision of accepting 2011-year Master and Doctor Degrees.
· A. Prof – Dr. Le Viet Hung, HUP Party Secretary – Principal awarded already-graduate Doctors degrees and got memorial photos.