MOU to boost continuous medical education for pharmacists in Vietnam

A partnership between educational institutions and business groups is set to contribute to the development of continuous medical education for pharmacists in Vietnam.
At the sidelines of the APEC week in Da Nang, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on 9 November 2017 between Hanoi University of Pharmacy, University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City, RMIT University Vietnam, AmCham Healthcare Committee, European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and Pharma Group Vietnam.
Through the MOU, the Parties will co-operate with a view to providing free, continuous medical training to pharmacy students, pharmacists, and pharmacy owners and staff in Vietnam through a mobile application (app). The app will be purely focused on further developing the knowledge and skills of pharmacists and therefore be free of charge, non-promotional and non-political. The app will be provide an innovative platform enabling pharmacists across the country to benefit from the training.
The MOU builds on the intent of the recent Vietnamese Pharmaceutical Law and the signing was witnessed by numerous representatives from the APEC community, demonstrating the international commitment to work together to improve healthcare and healthcare provision across the region.
Quote from Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Australian Government
Janelle Casey, Counsellor and Trade Commissioner of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), believes that the Pharmacy Excellence Program (PEP) is an excellent example of the continued joint efforts – from both the academia community and healthcare industry – to push the frontiers in healthcare, education and innovation in Vietnam. She expressed her hope that through the MOU signing ceremony, the parties will strengthen collaboration to bring this excellent initiative to pharmacists across the country.
Quote from Pharma Group:
Pharma Group Vietnam Vice Chair, Mr. Robert Kruit said: “Expanding the reach of medical education and training to as many healthcare providers as possible is essential in further developing a strong healthcare system in Vietnam. Technological advances are helping everyone have access to the latest medical advances and trainings and Pharma Group is proud to be a part of this great initiative!”
Quote from Hanoi University of Pharmacy:
HUP Responsible & Excutive Vice Rector, Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh said: "International harmonization and integration in education is key in supporting Vietnam's Universities towards step-by-step self-control and strengthening the universities’ positions in the regional and global education system. With the objective to contribute to the healthcare sector in Vietnam in improving the quality of healthcare services, in particular at the grassroots level, the Hanoi University of Pharmacy in collaboration with the University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City, Pharma Group, RMIT University, EuroCham and AmCham Healthcare Committee plan to develop a database system to support the improvement of skills for the community pharmacists through providing basic knowledge and simulations of clinical cases. Such trainings are provided through an IT application. The “Pharmacy Excellence Program” will provide Vietnamese pharmacy training institutions with a training program that integrate theory and practice. Such modern and advanced training methodology will contribute to the improvement of quality of pharmacy training in Vietnam. The HUP commits to coordinate with relevant stakeholders in the development, implementation, management and monitor “Pharmacy Excellence Program”, following the project’s mottos".
Quote from University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City:
UMP Vice Rector, Prof.Dr.Tran Hung said:" University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City (UMP) has been recognized for its continuous endeavors to improvethe quality of health sciences education in Vietnam. We have actively taken part in cooperation in scientific research and professional education. Pharmacy Excellence Program, with help of technological advances, will provide an open web-based pharmacy training environment for pharmacists. The UMP is proud to be a part of this excellent initiative as one of the content creators. We believe that this application will contribute its part in Continuing Pharmacy Education to improve the qualification of pharmacists in Vietnam".
Quote from RMIT University in Vietnam:
RMIT Vietnam President Professor Gael McDonald said she was excited for the University to be part of this worthwhile project together with Pharma Group, the Hanoi University of Pharmacy and University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City.
“The MOU enables us to strengthen collaboration to build capacity across pharmacy education in Vietnam and contribute in a meaningful way to the development of the country” she said.
Quote from EuroCham:
Dr. Gellért Horváth, Co-Chairman of European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam shared that EuroCham was glad to be part of such a great project initiated by one of our Sector Committees, Pharma Group. We saw this as a potential concept that could be further expanded with the joint efforts from different stakeholders from both private and public sector. The idea leverages our commitment to the not only improvement of business environment but also development of the local community.
Quote from AmCham:
On behalf of AmCham’s Healthcare Committee, AmCham Vietnam is pleased to participate as a signatory in the MOU of the Pharmacy Excellence Program. This program will provide a dynamic platform by providing free of charge, continuous medical training for pharmacists through an online/mobile application (App), non-promotional in nature, with the support of local and foreign universities as well as AmCham’s Healthcare Committee.”
PEP MOU signing_09 Nov 2017_2.JPG