Hanoi University of Pharmacy welcomed the delegation of Medical University of China, Taiwan

In the afternoon of September 5th, 2017, the delegation of Chinese Medical University, Taiwan led by Professor Liang-Yo Yang, Dean, Office of Global Affairs paid a working visit toHa Noi University of Pharmacy aiming to discuss on scientific research collaboration, to present on CMU's proposal for the master's degree program, and interview candidates for postgraduate education program at CMU

Attending the meeting, for HUP side, there were Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Bình – Responsible and Executive Vice Rector together with Heads of Department of Science Management, Department of Postgraduate Training, Department of International Relations as well as Heads of Department of Biochemistry, Department of Pharmacoeconomics and Management, and Department of Traditional Pharmacy.
In order to set up collaboration approach for science research, at the meeting, two topics on: "Demethoxycurcumin sensitizes the response of non-small cell lung cancer to cisplatin through downregulation of TP and ERCC1-related pathways" and "Social Administrative Pharmacy Research in Pharmacy Practices in Taiwan “ were presented by Prof. Ming-Chie Hsu and Prof. Lin Magaret, Clinical Pharmacy from CMU. Next, Professor Liang-Yo Yang on behalf of the CMU delegation proposed the CMU’s proposal for the master's degree program. After discussions, both two sides agreed to promote bilateral cooperation on scientific research in the future.  
Finally, the professors of CMU interviewed candidates who were interested in joining further education for Master or PhD program in CMU. Most of the candidates (07 candidates, including 02 candidates registered for the PhD program) were highly appreciated not only for the specific learning target but also for good command of English. Last but not least, Prof. Liang-Yo Yang, on behalf of the delegation.