Hanoi University of Pharmacy have been rated four-star standard among group of research-oriented universities by University Performance Metrics (UPM) System.

With the tradition of more than 100 - year pharmacist training, on August 18, 2020, Hanoi University of Pharmacy was ranked the first in the top 30 universities according to the University Performance Metrics (UPM) System.

This system has been conducted by a researcher group of Hanoi National University. This is the product of the National Science and Technology Program on educational science chaired by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training.

Group of research-oriented Universities achieving four-star standard consist of Hue University with its member universities: Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University of Sciences (HUSC), Hue University of Education, Hanoi National University of Education, Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Vinh University, Thuy loi University, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, University of Transport and Communication, Phenika University, Burapha University (Thailand) and Malang University (Indonesia).

Especially, Hanoi University of Pharmacy is highly appreciated for 3 main functions and archived five-star standard of 3 categories including: training; research and community service. Four-star universities are the universities having good reputation in the country and the region.

Standard set of rating of UPM system includes eight categories with 54 indicators. Each indicator has different benchmark and proportion with the total mark 1000as follows:

Criterion 1: Strategic governance – 5 indicators, proportion 6%.

Criterion 2: Education - 15 indicators, proportion 35%.

Criterion 3: Research– 4 indicators, proportion 20%.

Criterion 4: Innovation – 4 indicators, proportion 11%.

Criterion 5: Innovation ecosystem– 4 indicators, proportion 6%.

Criterion 6: IT Infrastructure– 10 indicators, proportion 10%.

Criterion 7: Internationalization- 9 indicators, proportion 6%.

Criterion 8: Community service - 3 indicators, proportion 6%.

The continuous efforts of all staffs and students at Hanoi University of Pharmacy are worthy of its long history and a reliable university for pharmacists training and scientific research both at domestic and international level.