Cooperation agreement signing ceremony with Griffith University, Australia

With the goal of enhancing educational integration and with the approval of the Ministry of Health's policy, on the afternoon of May 24, 2023, Hanoi University of Pharmacy held a signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Hanoi University of Pharmacy and Griffith University, Australia.

The signing ceremony was held in a warm and solemn atmosphere with the presence of representatives of the two universities. The signed cooperation memorandum will be the legal basis for the two universities to organize and implement cooperation programs.

At the signing ceremony, Prof. Andrew Davey, Director of International Cooperation, gave an overview of Griffith University, Australia, which is in the top 50 of Australian young universities and always strives to advance in the rankings last years. Griffith University is famous for its multi-disciplinary training, in which Pharmacy is highly appreciated due to the close cooperation in training between the University and its practical training facilities, due to the superiority of integration of the training program between theory and professional practice. Besides, Prof. Andrew also introduced the Australian Government's Colombo program and proposed the desired cooperation contents. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hai Nam, Rector of Hanoi University of Pharmacy introduced the history of pharmacy formation and training and the role of Hanoi University of Pharmacy in the pharmacy training system in Vietnam.

After sharing information and exchanging, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hai Nam agreed to implement a number of priority activities in the coming period between the two universities: (i) Student exchange for at least one semester with equivalent recognition, expected to be implemented in February, 2024 (HUP students can participate in research or professional practice at research centers/institutes, hospitals, pharmacies or attend 1 semester at Griffith University); Student exchange through summer and cultural exchange programs (1 week - 1 month); exchange of postgraduate students doing short-term research at Griffith University; (ii) Exchange of lecturers between the two universities in co-supervising for dissertations; exchanging lecturers to participate in teaching in the two universities for undergraduate and postgraduate students training programs; (iii) Cooperation in research implementation: forming and sharing the research network of the two schools; coordinate in advocacy and implementation of research topics; Coordinate guidance and publish international articles.

At the end of the meeting, on behalf of the school leadership, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hai Nam highly appreciated the working visit of the delegation from Griffith University, Australia and wished to promote and expand cooperation between the two sides in the near future.