40 -year -membership badge awarding ceremony

​Implementing the decision No 881-QĐ/TU dated 23th August 2011 of HN Minicipal Committee on granting badges, on 3rd November 2011 at the meeting of the secretaries of the local party cells.

HUP Party committee organized the Badage Awarding Ceremony to grant the 40 year membership Badage to Mr Tran Duc Chinh, a party member of Marxist Leninist Department’s party cell.
Ass.Prof Le Viet Hung- Party committee secretary-Rector, and many other members of the Party committee as well as secretaries of party cells were at the ceremony. On behalf of the party committee, Assoc.Prof Le Viet Hung, party committee secretary, gave a 40 year membership badge to Mr Tran Duc Chinh and wished that he would make more contribution to  further development of the University Pharmaceutical sector.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Chinh deeply thanked the Party committee for the solemn ceremony. He also highly appreciated the help of University Authority, political groups and the other coleages. At the ceremony, HUP Trade Union Committee and Marxist Leninist Department’s party cell warmly congratulated him with bouquets of flowers.
Some pictures of
Mr Do Hung Vuong, member of Party Committee, announced the decision of the Party Committee for Mr Tran Duc Chinh
Ass.Prof Le Viet Hung, Party Committee Secretary, gave a 40 year membership badge to Mr Chinh
Mr Tran Duc Chinh spoke at the ceremony
Mr Pham Van Tuoi, Vice president of HUP Trade Union, congratulated Mr Tran Duc Chinh
Marxist Leninist Department’s party cell congratulated Mr Tran Duc Chinh
Ass.Prof Nguyen Hung Thu, vice principal as well as representative of Human Resource and HUP Trade Union Committee had a photo taken with Mr Tran Duc Chinh