Student Exchange Program - trang 1 - Cổng thông tin Đại Học Dược
  • Journey to the Kingdom of Thai - Silpakorn Summer School 2018 13/08/2018

    There are different ways of making one’s summer more meaningful, and we as the students from Hanoi University of Pharmacy were given the opportunity to make our summer count by going on such an amazing international exchange program. Our destination for this summer is Silpakorn University, located in Nakhon Pathom, also known as a small peaceful province in Thailand. During the time of this trip, we had a lot of fun talking and making friends with Laos students from Health Science University and Indonesian students from Hassanudin University.

  • Reflective paper from Thai exchanged students 13/08/2018

    ​Living as exchange student in Hanoi University of pharmacy in Vietnam is better to experience once than hear about it a thousand times. Three weeks in HUP are very meaningful for us. Every second here are priceless and fulfilled our purpose of being exchange student. We would like to say thanks to the destiny which brought us to HUP and let us had good times and great friends like this. We hope that we will soon have a chance to visit here again, and we will definitely recommend our juniors to become exchange students here.

  • Student Mobility Program in Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Vietnam 10/08/2018

     The first student mobility program in Vietnam started in this summer break, from 2nd July to 12th July 2018. The journey to Vietnam is explored by four UKM forth year students. It has been our honour to join this mobility program, together with two Thai students from Mahidol University. On the first day, we had a brief introduction session with Ms My from the International Relations Department in Hanoi University of Pharmacy (HUP) as well as the delegates from Mahidol University. 


  • Syllabus for Students Exchange Program 24/12/2016

    There are 4 syllabus for students who wish to join HUP Student Exchange Program. Students can choose one among them to apply.

  • WELCOME! 02/03/2016

    If you are seeking pharmaceutical education in a peaceful and active environment, our University is considered one of the best choices. In here, you will be persuaded by friendly attitude, enthusiastic instructions and close collaboration of all staffs: the Directorate, lecturers, and students. All will be ready for building a supportive HOME to FOSTER your PASSION.​ 

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