PhD Training Curriculumn - Academic Program - Cổng thông tin Đại Học Dược

PhD Training Curriculumn (28/04/2016)

Total number of credits must accumulate: 90 credits (130 credits for a PhD who does not have master's degree) including:
- Supplemental Module: number of credits depends on situation of each PhD

  + For PhD without master's degree: 40 credits.
  + For PhD with a master's degree (if have to learn additional module): the number of credits depending on situation of each PhD (proposed by the specialized Department, decided by the Rector).

- Doctoral Module, Doctorate Thematic and Overview Essay: 15 credits including:

   + Doctoral Module: 08 credits
   + Doctorate Thematic: 04 credits
   + Overview Essay: 03 credits

- Thesis: 75 credits

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